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i have boobs and a great taste in music and honestly, if thats not enough then i’m not sure what is.

Oh , and plus I like food. So how is that good enough.

We dont need a lable to live. So why is everything labled
  • We all have an addiction. An addiction is something the pain away. It may be a person or a drug. A place or something as simple as music. It makes you forget about the pain for awhile, and wants that addiction isn't working anymore, you need something better. Something that makes all the pain go away.Something that makes you happy again. It doesnt have to be something that could kill you, or hurt you. It could be a person who always makes you happy but once they stop making you happy, you need something else. You go for the next best thing. Everyone has an addiction. You might not realize it but you do. Whatever it is takes away the pain and makes you forget about anything negative. Makes you feel better. Makes you feel wanted. Makes you feel not so worthless...

They told us everything gets better when we get older. When am I finally old enough for it to get better